Tools and Methods: Critical Encounters

7.5 credits (Uppsala University)

Autumn semester full-time 100%

The course will take place at campus Engelska Parken, Uppsala University, apart from guest lectures online. There is the possibility for distance participation from DASH doctoral students who are not located in the vicinity of Uppsala. The course “Tools and Methods: Critical Encounters” is given by the Department of ALM. The course is a master’s level course which includes advanced study elements tailored for PhD students that expand the course to a doctoral level course.

The course introduces and examines a selection of tools and methods used in the cross-disciplinary field of the digital humanities. Students will become familiar with and use digital methods and tools by participating in several practical sessions. Experiences from these sessions will be discussed critically and related to the relevant theoretical literature and ongoing debates in the digital humanities. Emphasis is placed on the development of an inquisitive, critical and historical approach to new methods and tools in research in the humanities, in addition to the ability to question and reflect upon how new practices and technologies influence the production of knowledge in the humanities, both present and past.

After completing the course, students are expected to have gained the following knowledge and skills:

  • Knowledge of a selection of tools and methods used in the digital humanities.
  • Knowledge of critical and current debate regarding the tools and methods used in the digital humanities.
  • Skills to critically assess and use tools and methods in the digital humanities.
  • Ability to apply a historical perspective to the changing technical conditions for the creation of knowledge within the humanities.
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