Ethics, Politics and Policies in Digital Humanities

7.5 credits (consult with supervisor) (LNU 4DH431) / LnU; full time (100%); online, English

May 2024 – June 2024

This course deals with the ethical and political aspects of digital humanities research. Central ethical concerns are addressed and presented through a series of case studies. Students are also introduced to important agencies and policies regulating the work of digital humanities scholars. Topics include: privacy and protections, copyright, ethics in artificial intelligence, research ethics, digital divide, data ownership, and algorithmic governance.

After this course is completed, the student should:

  • identify and analyse the ethical, political, and legal dimensions of digital humanities research,
  • identify the range of actors, agencies, and policies shaping digital humanities through political and institutional means,
  • explain core ethical issues and considerations through relevant case studies,
  • be able to design research which reflects legal and moral responsibilities of the researcher in collecting, handling and presenting data.
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